About Us

Bizri Travel and tourism was established in 1977   by Mr. Mohamad Nasr Elbizri. Since 1999, It has made steady growth over the years and has 2 branches in Saida and one branch in Beirut (soon). Since 1999, owned and operated by Mr. Khaled Elbizri with professional and devoted team. 

The agency is a Member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as well as Member of the Association of Travel and Tourist Agents in Lebanon (ATTAL). 


In order to meet the specific wishes of each guest or group, The agency is providing the best service in order to satisfy the needs and meet the high expectations by visiting the most interesting places and worldwide destinations. 

Due to the steady progress over the years, Bizri Travel and Tourism had received many awards and certificates for the outstanding performance of the company. In addition, for participating in world travel market and Arab travel market on yearly bases. 

Our Services

The experience and motivation made had excelled  in Cultural Travel, Youth Travel, Sports Travel , Health Travel , Academic Travel, Civil Marriage and honeymooners – cruises.


We provide you with interesting and exciting
tours to different parts of the world

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